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Self-Love Therapy

The Missing Piece For Faster, Deeper, Connection & Transformation.

A Stand-Alone, Professionally Accredited Training Worth 24 Credits
A unique, game-changing, stand-alone training for therapists, healers and wellness professionals, with outstanding results and personal empowerment. 
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  • How to provide the missing piece in your therapeutic, holistic, wellbeing or care practice.
  • Why self-love is the crucial foundation to both your & your clients health, wellness, freedom & happiness.
  • The profound truth about self-love, & how it works on the deepest issues at the deepest levels.
  • How you can love & empower yourself first, for better, faster, results.
  • The most unique, internationally acclaimed, professionally accredited training for deep, life-changing, self-connection & self-love!

Why Transformational Self-Love Therapy Training Is The Best Decision You'll Ever Make...

Do you worry you aren't doing enough, fast enough, for your clients? Learn how to get quickly & directly to the SINGLE ROOT CAUSE of mental, emotional, physical & spiritual pain, trauma, illness & suffering, and get the powerful, breakthrough results you long for, without re-traumatising your clients.

Firstly, you learn the secrets to instant, authentic self-connection. Then you discover how to establish a fast, deep, authentic connection between yourself & your clients, whilst guiding them to have a deep, authentic & immediate connection with themselves, all without losing yourself or taking on their emotions.

MUTUAL Empowerment
Empower your clients with real self-help tools to get free from any co-dependancy issues, and never again compromise your time, energy or integrity to help them. Plus, you feel more empowered to heal your own issues within your personal and professional life.

Learn the secret to recovering & protecting your energy so you never lose yourself in over-giving, over-compensating, loss of energy or burn-out ever again. With this method, you'll be more energised & feel amazing after working with your clients!

Want to break out of your shell? Now's your time to bloom with full, inner-confidence, access your higher potential, activate your hidden gifts, expand your intuitive & extra-sensory abilities, and fulfil your true soul purpose. Unlock your NEXT LEVEL of self-actualisation!

How Transformational Self Love Therapy Works.

"You cannot find this information anywhere else. There's nothing like it, and I've looked." 
- Nameda Belmane, TSLT graduate.

Transformational Self Love Therapy (TSLT) is an innovating, seven step self-talk modality that is an unlike any other. 

It encompasses similar techniques as Gestalt Therapy, EFT, CBT, Ho-oponopono, and Family constellations, but the way it flows naturally, in a guided, conversational way, is unique, profound and simple.

Combined with a powerful breathing technique developed by Tara Love Perry called 'Breathe and Receive', the five elements of transformational decisions, and the seven directions of forgiveness, this self-love method reaches deep into core wounding and childhood issues.

It has the power to gently release buried, severe and generational trauma, birth and conception trauma, unresolved past-life issues, emotional blocks, mental limitations, struggles and imbalances, cellular level dis-ease and illness, along with the ability to unlock even long-term pain in the body and release subconscious blockages.

Just some of the powerful results so far with TSLT, not including emotional & relationship benefits...


Relief From:

  • Chronic Stress & Anxiety,
  • ​Depression & Addiction,
  • ​Childhood Trauma & PTSD,
  • ​Negative Self-Talk,
  • ​Self-Harm, Suicidal Ideations, 
  • Event Related Stress Injury,
  • ​Fears & Phobias,
  • ​Bi-Polar Disorder, 
  • ​Disassociation,
  • ​Mental Abuse, 
  • ​Limiting Beliefs
  • ​Self Esteem, Confidence & & Self-Worth, 
  • ​Ancestral Conditioning & Inherited Patterns,
  • ​Self-Connection & Self-Trust.


Relief From:

  • Auto-immune Illnesses,
  • ​M.E., Lethargy, Energy Loss,
  • ​IBD & Digestive Issues,
  • ​Nerve & Nervous System Damage, M.S Symptoms, 
  • ​Arthritis,
  • ​Throat & Speaking Issues, 
  • ​Life-Long Asthma & Breathing Issues,
  • ​Physical & Sexual Abuse, 
  • ​Birth Trauma,
  • ​Hormonal & Infertility Issues,
  • ​Back Pain & Chronic Pain,
  • ​Inherited Illnesses, 
  • ​Cancer.



  • Sense of Belonging,
  • ​Calm, Relaxation & Inner-Peace,
  • ​Faith & Meaning in Life,
  • ​Past-Life & Karmic Resolution,
  • ​Soul Retrieval, Wholeness,
  • ​Self Embodiment,
  • ​Consciousness & Self-Awareness,
  • ​Soul Purpose Connection,
  • ​Extra-Sensory Development,
  • ​Activation of Gifts & Genius,
  • ​Connection to Higher-Power (Non-religiously orientated)
  • ​Abundance & Manifestation.
From The UK's Leading Self-Love Teacher, 
Tara Love Perry 
Tara Love Perry has had a 20+ year career helping people all over the world, to transform all areas of their lives from the inside out, including CEO's, celebrities, politicians, and even a First Lady.

Tara is a naturally gifted intuitive, Master Soul-Reader, respected author, international speaker, the creator of the "I Love You, Me" self-help method for Self-Love, and 'Transformational Self-Love Therapy' (TSLT) for professionals, with graduates worldwide.

She's known as the 'Spiritual Midwife' and also runs specialist trainings and retreats in intuitive development and advanced level, professional soul-reading.

Tara Love Perry is widely considered a pioneer in her field and is on a heart-felt mission to bring more love to the world for a better future.
Next Enrolment Dates & Live Mentoring Times

September 2023 (UK London Time)


Live orientation meeting - Tuesday 5th @ 6-8pm
Online training portal opens - Wednesday 6th
Live mentoring calls start - Tuesdays 12th @ 6-8pm
Final graduation meeting - Tuesday 28th November


Live orientation meeting - Wednesday 5th @ 6-8pm
Online training portal opens - Thursday 6th
Live mentoring calls start - Wednesday 13th @ 6-8pm
Final graduation meeting - Wednesday 29th November

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Meet Some of Our TSLT Graduates.

Watch their powerful stories...

 "I would have loved to have done this years ago.

I’ve spent a lot of years doing a lot of training. This training was so worth it. I think all colleges who are teaching people to help others should do it.”
Catherine Berry - Ireland
Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Social Worker
"I’m getting breakthroughs in clients I’ve had for a year and they're able to connect with themselves in a manner that... I’m a little bit shocked. 

Even people that disconnect or disassociate, they’re able to stay connected & feel things. It’s a game changer & I dare say a life changer."
Dr Sherry Haferkamp-Watson - USA
Mom, Clinical Psychologist
"This training has opened my eyes & made me see me more, 

but also helping me & finding true self love & what I’ve had buried deep. And I buried it really deep and I didn’t see it. It’s amazing.” 
Jesenia Gonzales - USA
Single Mom, Spiritual Healer & Reiki Practitioner 
“What I see is people releasing trauma much faster than in any talking therapy I did before. 

I used to do Transactional Analysis Therapy, and ever since I did this training, I can’t go back anymore. It’s almost like once I’ve seen I can’t un-see. I feel more complete, like I got the piece I was missing from my sessions.”
ZsuZsanna Purnell - UK
Mom, TA Counsellor for Drug & Alcohol Addiction
"I feel amazing! Just wonderfully supportive - I loved every moment of the training. 

It was nourishing to my spirit. I gained invaluable insights into myself and my life and I feel equipped to serve others in a holistic way that I hadn't had access to before. I feel like I've been blessed with a higher vantage point of perspective. I would do it again in a heart-beat.” 
Megan Holt - USA
Home-school Mom, Counsellor & Reiki Practitioner 
"The knowledge that was coming out was actually far beyond my expectation. 

It’s amazing how we can actually work now. After 12 weeks we can work with a client. This process is fantastic; it always enriches you and you feel full with energy. It gives you so much immediate benefit."
Named Belmane - Latvia
New Vocation

Your Potential Calling.

Everything happens for a divine reason... and something within you has led you here now. You already know something is calling you deep down because you can sense it, but you just can't quite put your finger on it...

You want to access part of yourself again & remember what you innately know. 
You want to embody your full potential & burst out of that invisible shell that seems to cage your soul. You want to embody who you truly are, and help others do the same. That's why you are here.

Born For This...

The path that's in front of you will not only enable you to lead your clients back to who they really are in the most genuine and authentically empowering way, but it will do the same for you too.

You need just as much self-love and self-care as your clients do... maybe even more?

It takes great courage and faith to follow your inner-knowing. But once you do your heart rejoices, making you bolder, more self-trusting, more empowered and more fulfilled than ever before! 

Your heart is calling you to know yourself more completely, expand your consciousness, and come home to your true self. Then you can lead others to do the same. You were born for this!  

More Graduate Reviews...

​“I have done lots of therapy and coaching, but nothing; nothing helped me as much as "I love you, me". This training helped me heal my heart. It was very helpful & transformative on my journey. I can't explain with words how I've expanded in my heart. All my clients also experience change that is not temporary but permanent transformation. This process is a life changing experience, especially around confidence, anxiety & depression issues."

The Coach Natalia, Christian Counselor, Holistic Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach, Mind-Body Practitioner, Pilates Teacher.
​“I've done a few courses, but this "I Love You, Me" training made me realize that this is what I was looking for & what I wanted to do. As a medical professional I always believed in research & was more in my mind than my heart, however when I was going through some trauma in my life the ILYM Method supported me to connect with my inner-self. I experienced a very powerful re-birth during the training, which healed my own birth trauma. Now I feel so good supporting others mentally & emotionally to achieve similar transformation. I see the freedom, happiness & peace in my clients. I even use the method on the ward."

Shreejana Koirala, NHS Community Matron.

​“I Love You, Me" is totally life changing. It's by far the most powerful tool I have come across in helping people come back into their bodies & reconnect with their emotions. The relationship with the inner-child is fundamental for any real healing to take place, & this is the foundation from which the "I Love You, Me" Method is built. The results are major breakthroughs in the ability to be vulnerable, communicate needs & create deeper, more connected relationships. My clients also experience a deeper trust that life has got them & as a result find themselves meeting uncomfortable situations with courage & grace."

Bradley Wescott, NLP Coach.
​“This course has been pretty incredible. The biggest takeaway is the transformational power of love. It has really shown me how to put love into practice to help me heal myself & to help others do the same. Self love is absolutely essential. All the other things that we're taught to focus on in life are not really going to land unless there's a foundation of self love underneath. The course is opening doors for a new life for me, much lighter, more whole, & without my limiting beliefs about being good enough."

Tessa Hindshaw, Child Psychologist.
​“What this training gave me that I didn't get anywhere else, was the opportunity to dive into my shadows. It allowed me to go deep & identify what was really going on & bring it all to a place of peace. I found a new lease of life, it's given me confidence & self belief. I have done other shadow work but none of it really compares to the "I Love You, Me" methodology. It's a beautiful step by step process which will always bring a result at the end. I guarantee your life will never be the same again."

David Alison, Life Coach, Former Master Coach at Tony Robbins
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