Receiving An Unconditional Breath is the First Thing You Ever Did. 
Receiving Is Your First Nature. Breath Is Your Lifeline.

Re-Connect To Who You Are.

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'Breathe & Receive' is the Signature Meditation Practice of the "I Love You, Me" 7 Steps To Transformational Self Love Method.

Return To Self

Return To Source

Return To Peace

Breath Is Life, The Teacher You Need

Brought to you as a loving reminder from leading self love teacher and soul guide, 
Tara Love Perry.

This 'Breathe & Receive' practice is
like unravelling what you thought you knew 
and simply returning to who you actually are.

It requires no visualisation techniques or specific beliefs.

It is the beginning to a journey of absolute self love,
without a middle man. It builds a relationship 
between You and You. © "I Love You, Me" Global & Tara Love Perry  - All rights reserved