Magnifying Your Abundant Life With Self Love & Gratitude!

Clear Out The Lack Programming & 
Remove Your Subconscious Blocks to Wealth.

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"I Love You, Me" Method for Manifestation!
With Self Love Teacher 
Tara Love Perry

With over 15 years professional experience as a Soul Reader, Channel & Energy Healer, Tara's talks, professional trainings, 1:1 sessions and workshops have taken her all over the world, with many thousands of souls, including spiritual leaders, political leaders, corporate leaders, coaches, authors, CEO's and artists having benefited from her unique methods and delivery.
An 8 Week Online Course
Experience an 8 week journey that's an uplifting & expansive celebration of gratitude to magnify abundance in all areas of your life! This is a fully participatory workshop. Prepare to have fun!

However, the parental programming, conditioning from culture and childhood spreads like a virus of lack deep into the psyche. 

Guided by the 7 Steps To Transformational Self Love, you will experience profound and permanent shifts at the root of the problem.
What's Covered Each Week?
There are many aspects to abundance! Here's what we cover:
* Love & Partner Relationship
* Wealth & Financial Prosperity
* Health - Mental, Emotional, Physical
* Love - Friends & Family
* Home & Stability
* Travel, Adventure & Lifestyle
* Work, Purpose & Opportunities
* Abundance Prayers for The World
Where Does it Take Place?
This was originally a live webinar course that has been lovingly recorded and packaged so that you feel as though you are participating alongside the other workshop attendees. 

You will receive weekly emails with the workshop video classes inside.
How Much Does it Coast?
For 8 hours of healing, de-conditioning, transformation and learning
the requested investment is $333.00

What you appreciate appreciates! So if you feel to participate in this course, please set your intentions now, feel the gratitude for this opportunity, and ensure you make your payment with love and appreciation in your heart!

If you feel any fear, you are invited to refrain from making payment at this time. 
This course is about SELF LOVE! 
You will learn unconditional self love, and be held in unconditional love. Consciously choosing this experience as an act of self love can only magnify your experience.
Our Promise
In case you're not entirely satisfied within the first 30 days of this Self Love Abundance Course, we will refund your payment straight away. You can cancel easily and at any time, & your details are protected too so there's nothing to risk.

Tara takes her reputation seriously and trust is important to her, so rest assured that you will be respected, valued and cared for.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Clear Out The Lack Programming & 
Remove Your Subconscious Blocks to Wealth.

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