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Donna, Dubai

"One thing that will stay with me and help me further on my spiritual journey that touched me deeply during your meditation was the release of so much despair I had clogged up in my heart. I've been working with heart meditations but this was a huge shift and touched me deeply. There was a huge opening in my heart that has now been filled with pure love for myself...thank you." 

Andreea Georgescu 

The energy cleansing meditation came in a moment I really thought I was going crazy because there were so many things going in my head that I felt weren’t mine but I couldn’t get them to go away, and it gave me back the clarity and the peace I needed to hear myself again. So, thank you!" 
Month By Month Journey
  • Loving Your Spirit
  • Loving Your Body
  • Making Friends With Your Mind
  • Rituals For Self Care
  • Enriching Your Relationships
  • Loving Your Inner Child 
  • Work & Contribution
  • Abundance & Money 
  • Love, Sex & Intimacy
  • Discovering Your Gifts
  • Intuition & Magic 
  • Deepening Awareness
  • Confidence, Success & Your Genius
  • And So Much More...
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Meet The Founder: Tara Love Perry 
Tara Love Perry is a Master Soul Reader, international Spiritual Guide and a naturally gifted intuitive energy worker.
As founder of the "I Love You, Me" Method, she's considered a leading Self-Love Expert and pioneer in her field, leading the way for a global shift in consciousness with self love.

Since 2002, her talks, trainings, 1:1 sessions and workshops have taken her to 11 countries in 4 continents, with many thousands of souls, including spiritual, corporate and political leaders, successful coaches, authors, CEO's, artists and professionals having benefited from her unique methods and delivery. 

There are also increasing numbers of professionally trained Self Love Coaches & Group Facilitators in the "I Love You, Me" Method who are making a profound impact and transforming lives all around the globe. © 2020+ Live In Light Academy Ltd & Tara Love Perry  - All rights reserved