What is 'Birthing Into The Light-Body'?

Essentially, Birthing Into The Light Body is a way of describing the process of human metamorphosis when a high-enough level of consciousness and unconditional love is able to permeate the cells and particles of matter that comprise our form.

It's the difference between a lightbulb existing in a box, or being taken out, screwed into the holding and switched on!

Our material body is merely a fraction of the potential of which it is designed to become once we remove ourselves from the box of limited belief and consciousness, plug ourselves into the power source within, with a grounded current to the Earth, and illuminate our whole being with the consciousness of pure radiant love.

Consciousness permeates reality. Rather than being just a unique feature of human subjective experience, it’s the foundation of the universe, present in every particle and all physical matter. As traditional attempts to explain consciousness continue to fail, the “panpsychist” view is increasingly being taken seriously by credible philosophers, neuroscientists, and physicists.

 “Physics is just structure. It can explain biology, but there’s a gap: Consciousness.” (David Chalmers, Philosophy of Mind Professor NY University.

Without knowing an ounce of this complex science, I've been seeing, hearing, communicating and experiencing heightened empathy with particles, waves and matrixes of energy that constitute the mind, body and soul of human beings. I call it Soul Reading for want of a better way of describing it in lay terms.

What this means is that I can explore information in matter in both dense material and less-dense spiritual forms. What I've been able to accurately read are memories in the cells, subconscious mind, and the individual's Akashic soul library.  And what I've also been able to do is discover for myself that the innate matter of our human form has  consciousness, as does the Earth. 

Then, I've been able to communicate directly with that consciousness, and through a specific series of actions, I've been able to transform the material state of particles  

I feel you! That urge to release, to break free, to move from where you are to where you're meant to be. 

You're a conscious, loving, spiritual being, so how come it seems like you're doing everything right with your meditations & manifestation visualisations, but it's still not working as powerfully or as quickly as you want it to? 

You like you're going round the same karmic cycles, or stuck in the quick sand of your old stories and wounding despite letting stuff go, & your relationship issues don't seem to get resolved no matter how loving you are..

You long for your true potential to burst out so you can fulfil what you came here to do, and be the light that you know deep down that you are, but you fight with yourself & resist your true power.

You Know You Should Love Yourself More, But You Don't Know How...

Where's Your Anchor?

Are you listening to your soul? 
Do you trust yourself, & life, enough to let go? 

In this crazy world with so much noise & non-sense, you need your anchor, your 'Life-line' to TRUTH & reality. 
You need stability & safety inside yourself so that you can trust yourself to let go, to grow, & flow.

You need an unbreakable inner-connection that won't let you down
& you need to know how to self-nurture, believe in yourself, & love yourself deeply, unconditionally, in every part of you.

You need to know how to communicate with yourself first, so that you know how to communicate with the other people you care for. You need to take care of your inner longings & fill those gaps inside you that are causing you pain.

You need to become one with your inner child because they are the source of your genius and the key to your creativity, success & happiness

But if your 'Little-Me' is alone, abandoned or still unheard, your past will be pulling you backwards, & your unresolved stuff will tripping you up every time you try to move forward. 


Are you ready to embody your your angelic-self & be the loving, giving, purposeful, powerful being
that you came here to be?

Katja Was Trapped Until She Loved Herself Free...

Katja was caught in an unhappy marriage, without freedom or money, wanting to fulfil her purpose & she was looking for a way out. 

The way out, she discovered, was within, & Katja freed herself by meeting the broken, hurting parts of herself with absolute love...Watch this short 3 minute video to hear her incredible story.

THE Self Love Angel Experience Will Empower You To:

  • LEAVE AN OLD SITUATION: For good. Forever.
  • ​GET BACK YOUR POWER: With forgiveness, ease, grace & style.
  • REGAIN YOUR PEACE: Get out of your head & into your heart.
  • ​OWN YOUR SHADOW: Lovingly light up your hidden darkness. 
  • CLEAR YOUR FEAR: Face what's freaking you out & disarm it.
  • ​SAVE YOUR INNER-CHILD: Love & re-integrate your 'Little Me'. 
  • FAITH IN LIFE: Get connected to your 'Life-line' so you can let go. 
  • TRUST YOURSELF: Mend your inner compass & believe in you!
  • END THE CONTROL: Flow in alignment & joy with your destiny.
  • MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS: Effortlessly attract what you want.
  • ​LIVE YOUR PURPOSE: Fulfil yourself in higher consciousness.
  • ​ACTIVATE YOUR SUPER-POWERS: Your unique gifts & intuition.
  • BE LOVE & BE LOVED: Embody who you are & open to more love!

Why This Is Different...

There are a gazillion different spiritual, healing & transformational techniques, programs & modalities to choose from these days.

I've been in this 'field' of spirituality, consciousness & wellbeing my entire life, so I've pretty much seen it all. 
Because I'm a psychic Soul Reader (see below for more info) I have quite a unique view of the world. And the way I see it, earnest seekers are largely being taken for a ride with spiritual mis-information and guru mis-representation. 
I see people's internal 'wires' all tangled up from trying one red-herring teaching after another, & their energy field hijacked by following false light teachers.

If you feel in a similar pickle, or like things you've learned have only confused you more, or certain things don't add up, or certain things don't make sense, & now you don't know what to trust or where to turn - You're in the right place.

I'll simply guide you back to the person you've always been but couldn't connect to. I'll help you remember what you've always known, which is how to love unconditionally and how to be Love. 

I'll show you the steps to recover your senses & come back home to your power. I'll show you how to bridge the gap between being in this human reality & your divine self, whilst getting you free from the unnecessary & un-serving conditions that have got you stuck. Then I'll put the reins in your hands.

You don't have to channel, visualise or imagine anything. You don't need to believe in anything particularly. You don't have to be like me & I won't steal your power or energy. I'm simply here to show you how to be you, really well!

Everything you experience will be real, from within you, without a 'middle man'.

You'll Experience...

Being seen,
Being heard,
Being Felt & Empathise With,
Being Met with Full Compassion
Feeling Held & Safe,
Authentic Connection to Yourself
Real Connection to Your 'Source'
Supportive Group Connection,
Realisations & Enlightenment,
Connectivity & Why Things Happened,
Validation & Acknowledgement,
Forgiveness & Release,
Unconditional Love for Yourself & Others,
Everything Starts Making Sense,
Filling In The Missing Pieces,
Freedom & Liberation,
Peace & Contentment,
Inner-Knowing & Resolution,
Love & Harmony.
Transformation & Renewal.



​Apply Now to Join The Wait List

​12 people for 8 weeks, meeting twice per week for live online sessions.

  • Week 1 - Via private WhatsApp group. Program induction, personal introductions & intentions.
  • Weeks 2 to 7 - Guided Healing Journeys via Zoom. On Tuesdays & Fridays @ 6.30pm-8pm UK time.
  • Week 8 - Via WhatsApp. integration, Feedback & Completion.


Each participant receives a personally guided healing & transformation with a combination of soul reading & the "I Love You, Me" method

I lead you into deep self-connection to meet your core wound, or original cause of disharmony or dysfunction in any area of your life, & then heal & resolve it with unconditional love. 

All Self Love Angels in the group silently & lovingly witness the guided person, whilst also quietly following along with the healing for their own powerful experience. Even though each journey is completely unique & tailored for the individual being guided, every participant resonates with it & gains extraordinary insight & healing. The group connection is profound & the bonds between everyone can run very deep.

Every participant will feel totally held, safe, loved & protected, fully in control & empowered in their healing experience. The empathy & mutual reflection within the group is tangible. You will receive more than you can imagine & shine light on things within yourself that you don't know were there & that you don't know was possible.
All meetings will be recorded for re-use & your life-time access.

A private Whatsapp group chat holds & supports the group energy throughout, opening 1 week before we begin the healing journeys so everyone is well prepared, and remains open for the following week, making 8 weeks total duration.

Expect tears and laughter, realisations and revelations, purging, purification, massive liberation and relief. You will discover more of who you are, consciously expand and grow, unearth hidden gifts and truths of yourself, reclaim, retrieve & restore your mind, body, heart & soul. 

In the end you will not be the same person who started this adventure! Expect super-empowerment freedom & re-birth, & for your life to be changed forever.


You may enhance your experience of this journey when you have prior knowledge of and personal experience using the "I Love You, Me' Method. Therefore, all Self Love Angel's receive a FREE e-copy of my book "I Love You, Me" and the video e-course, worth over £200.


"The Self Love Angels programme with Tara was absolutely amazing. I was at a time in my life when I felt just simply 'wrong' in every area of my life, unworthy and judged by everyone. Meeting Tara felt like the Universe or God granted me a wish! It was a true transformation for me, I've learned to care and love me more, accept me for who I am, stop self criticism, believe in me and just see the future differently, I've let go of so many fears. I had these strong feelings of guilt, shame, not being enough etc, but the healing sessions with Tara helped me to find the path again to love, to hope, to joy and ease. I've met wonderful people in my journey, and I'm so grateful for everything I've learned. I think more positively, I am not afraid to say no, I am calmer, more relaxed, less frustrated, and just so much more true to myself. Thank you, Tara. “

Magda Fazakas
"I feel so much healing taking place...I'm in tears of release with this love & expansion of the journey Home. The narc/empath hook.... trying to get the love & the approval from them, when they know how to play the game & enjoy manipulating you into seeking their approval & giving them all your time, energy & pleadings! Turn round & come Home to the Truth, come home & wrap yourself in your own loving arms, becoming safe & grounded in your trust & embrace of You.... ❤️‍🔥 Thank you Tara & everyone for this amazing journey of reflecting deeply & seeing you in these vulnerable places, miles from home & having the privilege of walking back to ourselves with you xx ✨💖✨"

Yve Hudson
"It's been a privilege and joy to embark on a deep and powerful, life-changing journey to myself, so lovingly and compassionately held by Tara and to intimately share with and witness similar transformation in others. I feel blessed and anchored in my integration of each part of me that surfaces, and am already certain that friendships forged will stand the test of time as we have been together through facing our own inner demons which are always unique yet seem so relatable every single time. My own healing multiplies with having the honour to witness a selected group of beautiful and brave hearts go through their release and remembering process in a safe space. I'm humbled and so very grateful for this opportunity. Thank you so much, Tara - and each and every one of you 💖💖💖." 

Katja Vincent
"Sometimes when I’m on the fence around making decisions - I ponder, “If I were my 90 year old self looking back on my life, would I regret not taking this opportunity?” Working with Tara is something I will always look back on with reverence. I feel extraordinarily blessed & cherish every moment shared with her. Tara is a rare gem, an Earth Angel whose wisdom far exceeds this plane of existence. Her consciousness penetrates through the illusions of this world & gently brings you back to the Truth, to Love. Just being in her presence is a gift. She is a Goddess, the epitome of Divinity in human form. Her integrity & pure heart shines light on the darkest places & transmutes the lies we’ve accepted about ourselves and others. I have never felt so seen, held, loved, & appreciated. She has given me the tools needed to embody the highest expression of myself. If that weren’t enough, working with her in a group setting takes it to a whole new level! Through this experience I have realized that we’re all in this together. Life can be hard & isolating at times, but Tara has an exceptional ability to see the Truth of people & hold space in a way where the journey of transformation can be shared. The reflections, insights, & support from my peers are invaluable to me. My entire being has been blown wide open. What once felt like a curse, is Now a precious gift. The Gratitude & Love I feel for life is beyond what I perceived possible & I genuinely believe, the best is yet to come!🙏❤️"

Megan Holt
"I love the group setting because each person had/will have the opportunity to receive their personalized healing session as the other group members were present yet muted. I was able to follow along with each session & tailored some parts to my own healing. I love that Tara's still with you yet simultaneously guiding the chosen volunteer - as well as checking in on the rest of the group. Addressing universal human issues in group settings can be powerful and Tara has done so well offering support & I also feel supported by my fellow group members💝"

 Judy Nanuaq


In total you will receive 3 hours of expert healing and transformational guidance per week, for 6 weeks, totalling 18 hours of profound personal growth. If you equate this to my usual hourly rate, the value exchange between us would be £19,998

By participating in this group program, not only do you benefit by a massive value return financially, but you will also have the enhanced expansion, empathy and companionship that only a conscious group experience can offer.

The exchange amount is £1444 
(Almost the same as a single 1:1 Soul Reading/Healing session).
Payment options are available to share the total over 2 or 3 months, as required.


Perhaps you're concerned that you've done loads of therapy, healing, workshops, programs, methods and techniques before, but nothing stuck, or none of it worked?

It's okay, I hear this ALL the time. 

That's why I will literally give you your total investment back if at the end of the 8 week program you decide you have had absolutely no transformation, healing or breakthroughs, or that this program wasn't worth every penny, and more!

Your happiness and freedom should be non-negotiable. 
There's no monetary value you can put on that. 

And I guarantee that you will be extremely satisfied and grateful that you chose to do this program. But you'll never know what could have been for you, unless you go forward with two feet in, and commit to the relationship of a lifetime with yourself.


1. Click the button to complete a short simple application form. 
2. Await your email confirmation.
3. Accept an invitation to 20 min Zoom with me for Q&A.
4. Secure your place.


Tara Love Perry is an international spiritual empowerment teacher & widely known as the UK's leading Self-Love Teacher. 

She has a lifetime of experience and 20 years professional practice as a Soul Reader & Energy Healer with clients all around the world from every walk of life.

Tara is on a mission to help awaken, heal and liberate millions of lives around the globe with her message & method of Self-Love. 

She believes that the miraculous "I Love You, Me" -  7 Steps To Transformational Self Love' Method revealed to her by the angels, is the missing piece humanity has been searching for, and that unconditional self love it's the key to our evolutionary shift in consciousness. © 2022 Tara Love Perry - All rights reserved