"I Love You, Me" 
. Loving Yourself Is The Missing Key .
KNOW YOURSELF: Who are you really? 
You will experience a profound connection to the authentic you, whilst raising your consciousness and love vibration.
HEAL YOURSELF: What's stopping you in life?
Release deep blockages, beliefs, habits, addictions and patterns that have been holding you back from being the person you're born to be. 
FREE YOURSELF: Lost your wings?
It's time to find your truth, learn to trust yourself & life again, reveal your higher purpose, and unlock the doors to being financially and spiritually free. 
DUBAI . 3 & 4 May . 2019
"Pure Gold"
"Goes to the Core"
"I Love You, Me" has touched thousands of lives around the world, allowing leaps in personal consciousness, deep healing, inner peace, and release from debilitating illnesses and conditions.
Self Love Creates Miracles! 
 With Tara Love Perry...
Tara Love Perry 
Psychic & Spiritual Empowerment Teacher, Speaker, Author, Director of LILA.
Tara Love Perry has touched tens of thousands of lives with her unique teachings and methods, from the UK to the USA, Asia to Australia, the Middle East to Eastern Europe, and has clients ranging from coaches, healers, famous musicians, CEO's and a First Lady. 

As the UK's leading Self-Love expert, and a global pioneer, it's her life-long mission to bring more love into the world by reminding every individual how they can transform everything in their lives by loving themselves unconditionally. 

Tara was declared officially dead in the womb for an unheard of 2 month period, then re-awoke! After 11 months in utero, she was then born into a life of spirituality, love and service to others and grew up listening to the teachings of an enlightened Master. She has followed a consistent path of spirituality and soul purpose, and much of her knowledge comes from directly from psychically 'reading' human and universal energy.

She is best loved for her authentic, refreshing and altogether original approach to spirituality and self realisation, and famous for her uncanny ability to see into your soul. She is often called 'The Spiritual Midwife' because of the safe and nurturing space she holds for people to awaken to the truth of themselves, without 'the middle man'.

The No# 1 Life Hack...

The problem is, it's all become too complicated, when what you really need is simple...

Take your life to the next level with a deep, impactful, step by step method, that's also a simple practise of self-love that hits home.

 Without genuine love for yourself as a foundation, 
what are you building your life on? 

Everything eventually becomes problematic or unfulfilling until you come back and realise that you are 'The One' you are looking for! 
Love yourself and watch your life completely transform.
How You Will Benefit...
Therapists & Healers

Give your work the leading edge with the "I Love You, Me" Method. Advance your results whilst simultaneously opening and expanding your natural intuitive gifts.

Teachers & Leaders
If you're looking for personal breakthroughs in love and relationships, 
soul purpose, or abundance and wealth, 
this workshop will deliver 
AND give you the tools!

Dedicated People
If you're like most of our participants who've tried everything, been 'working on your stuff' for years, and are fed up with it, get ready for a giant leap forward - This works.

Truth Seekers 

People who are looking for authenticity, inner-peace, more joy and love, and also a way to master their sensitivity and feelings, you'll find yourself and feel like you've come home.

What The Experts Said...

"I am walking on air, everything is flowing in a new way. What you taught took root in my being. Relevant in every conversation every situation. It changed my world. You are, we are, changing the world.♥️🙌"
Erika Indra, Spiritual Teacher, Spirithorse Foundation Founder
"This woman has managed to find a hotline to one of the most elusive and vital practices on the planet; Self-Love. She's having insanely powerful results. It could be just what you need...."
 Jamie Catto, Author of "Insanely Gifted", Creator of "One Giant Leap" films
“Tara is a gift for these times, gentle, powerful, liberating. I have experienced more with Tara in 2 hours than I have in 10 years of therapeutic work. 
Tara brings what is needed to heal the fragments of self, back into love. This work is absolutely right on the button for NOW.” 
Fiona Arrigo, Founder of The Arrigo Programme, therapist of 38 years.

Praise From Previous Participants...
"Theres a whole new depth of understanding... I've finally made that real connection with my true self. Best thing I've done for myself in years." 
Emma Murphy, Psychotherapist

"There's a lot of other things that talk about this, 
but Tara's work actually goes to the core" 
Cat Rowe, Healer

"Wonderful experience! It has started a road of self discovery and healing for me. I learned so much about myself and I found many answers to issues that I couldn’t understand. I’m eternally grateful for Tara’s love lessons, absolutely amazing! 
- Mariví Millership - Dubai

“The 7 transformational steps has really changed my life in more ways than one." Alicia Clarke - Dubai 

"“I Love You, Me" could not have come at a better time for me. I was attending this on a whim and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I truly connected to Me. Thank you Tara for bringing this self love awareness program to UAE.”  
- Bonita Wirth - Dubai

“You can’t imagine your impact on my self healing and turning the page to stop suffering. I can’t claim I’m there yet but I’m on the right way thanks to you! Love you." - Hanan Darwish - Dubai

“Thank you Tara from my heart. You started changing the way I react to my life that is 90% vs. what is happening in my life.” - Kyriakos Kofinas - Dubai

“Dear Tara, Thank you for imparting the simple but important knowledge behind LOVE. You were incredible.” 
- Tina Thapar - Dubai 

“I want to say it was a beautiful weekend spent with beautiful souls and I am so happy that I said YES and got to meet you all and share in the beautiful spirit. Tara is very gifted and I love her style and the amazingly keep-it-simple approach she uses.” - Julie-Ann Odell - Dubai

"Tara took participants on an incredible journey through clearing unconscious beliefs and programs in the way of happiness and success."
 — Steve Ahnael Nobel, spiritual guide, ex-director of Alternatives, London
"I knew there would be some significant changes after the event...my self-confidence has blossomed, I have a loving man in my life and I'm avoiding the super-critical perfectionist role at work. I'm tapping into and trusting my gut instinct more."
— Gina Larter, Managing Partner
"The biggest thing that shifted is I am not unconsciously waiting for someone to rescue me any more. I feel more powerful. Thank you for how seamlessly and glowingly you led the event and the jewels of information."
— Heather Hawthorn - Angelic Healer 
At This Event You Can...
  •  Be lovingly and safely guided through a process of self-love & personal transformation.
  •  Clear your blocks around money, love & living your purpose.
  •  Understand HOW to make the shift from where you're currently limited, to where you want to be.
  • Take invaluable tools and techniques home with you that you'll remember for life!
  •  Feel that you've finally found 'Your Tribe,' & connect with new people just like you!
  •  Learn to receive the life that's truely meant for you, and how you can end the struggle.
  •  Discover & empower your natural extra-sensory awareness in a safe environment.
  •  And so much more than we can't put into words...you'll understand when you get here!
M Hotel Downtown by Millennium,
3rd Floor, Al Sayel Road,
Business Bay, 

Frequently Asked Questions...
  •  What is the date of the "I Love You, Me" event?  It's happening on 3-4 MAY 2019
  •  Where is the event being held? It will be held in M Hotel Downtown by Millennium, 
  • 3rd Floor, Al Sayel Road, Business Bay, Dubai. 
  •  Will lunch be provided? Yes, catered for by M Hotel. Please inform us of any dietary requirements you may have at least 1 week in advance of the event so that the hotel can cater for you accordingly.
  •  What times do I need to know about? Event registration will start at 9:00am and the event will end around 5.30pm, unless you have a VIP ticket when it will end around 6:30pm. 
  •  Can anyone attend this event? Yes! If you want to make the best of 2019, then start the year with higher  consciousness, less conditioning and more energy - "I Love You, Me" is the event for you! We recommend under 18's  to be accompanied by an adult and that it's not suitable for children or babies.
  •  Can I bring my spouse or a friend? Absolutely! Experiences like this are better shared, however due to VERY limited seating, every person must have a ticket in their own name to get into the event. If you book for someone else, ensure you book it in their name, with their email address.
  •  What if I have a question that's not on this list? We're here to help, and want you to be 100% happy with investing your time and effort in attending. Simply email the team at info@taraloveperry.com
Got your ticket?
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