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"A must read. I could only give 5 stars - however the book absolutely deserves 6 stars for the amount of impact it provides. Highly recommended."
"Totally loved this book from start to finish. The lessons it teaches help you look inwardly and gives you the tools to heal yourself."
"What a great book! Totally simple and totally deep. I would recommend this book to everyone."
"A Really Cool Book - Practical and User Friendly."
"I have read many books which tell you how to live, but this one is different. It is very practical and very powerful. Highly recommended."
"This book was extremely helpful to me! I loved it and I love Tara's meditation Breath and Receive...Love yourself and get this book!"
Millions of People Worldwide are Awakening to Realise that the VITAL KEY for Health, Wealth, Happiness and Fulfilling Relationships, is a Genuinely Loving Relationship with Oneself. 
Experiential Guide
“I Love You, Me” is a fully comprehensive, experiential guide that includes ‘done for you’ style exercises that catalyse profound moments of self-realisation and inner transformation. It's all about consciousness and begins with your breath!
Life Changing
The 7 steps of transformational self-love will be very different to anything you have experienced up until now, even if the idea isn’t new to you. Are you ready for the kind of self love that will revolutionise your life, be a game-changer in your relationships with others, and evolve your consciousness to the next level, simultaneously? 
You will learn how to master your life and transform your world by transforming the blocks and barriers within you that keep you stuck and living less than your full self. This book is deeply personal and deeply loving, with nothing pretentious or selfish about it! 
What If You Loved Yourself Exactly The Way You 
Want To Be Loved?  What Would Your Life Be Like? 
Freedom From Limitations
& Empowerment

Emotional Intimacy 
& Connection

Confidence To Be Authentically You

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About the Author
Tara Love Perry is an international spiritual empowerment teacher with a lifetime of experience and 15 years professional practice, with clients ranging from CEO's to a First Lady. 

Tara is the UK's leading Self-Love expert, on a mission to transform millions and millions of lives around the globe with her message of Self-Love and help make the world a better place. Love is the key to inner-peace, and outer peace. It's the key to everything. That's why she's giving YOU this book for FREE! 

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